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At Continental Search we combine the science of recruiting and the art of matchmaking. We support animal feed companies and their suppliers in the United States and Canada. Whether you’re involved in feeding poultry or pigs for an integrated operation, work with a commercial feed company or a feed additives or ingredients company, we’d like to get to know you.

For 15 years we have recruited sales and operations executives, animal nutritionists, feed mill and plant management, veterinarians, technical support and sales professionals. We take pride in recruiting in animal agriculture and helping our clients find players that can make an impact.

If you are looking for a new challenge, we encourage you to view our job postings, send us your resume and review our career tips. There are a couple of free e-books that might interest you including Evaluating an Employment Offer and Simple Steps to a Successful Interview.

If you are looking for a recruiting partner to help you build your team, we encourage you to visit our Employers’ page and our extensive list of references. There are a couple of free e-books for you; Hunting the Headhunter will help you choose a recruiting partner and Offering a Dream Opportunity shows you how to present a job offer that is difficult to turn down.

We recruit executives, managers and solo contributors who work with dairy, beef, equine, poultry and swine.  This site provides tips for both employers and job seekers.

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Daniel C. Simmons, CPC, Owner and Recruiter

Recruiting executives and animal nutritionists.  dan@consearch.com

Jim Hipskind, CPC, Senior Recruiter

Recruiting Manufacturing Management and Swine Management professionals.  jim@consearch.com

Rick Pascual, CPC, Recruiter

Recruiting Sales Reps for Feed Manufacturers.  rick@consearch.com

Trish Valenzuela, CPC, Recruiter

Recruiting for Feed Ingredient and Feed Additives companies. trish@consearch.com


Proud to be an AFIA Member

Proud to be an AFIA Member