What We Care About: Targeting Excellence

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What We Care About: Targeting Excellence

November 2016 – We have been searching for a cause to support that shares our goal of ensuring the future of educated talent in animal agriculture.  Continental Search and Outplacement is happy to announce that we have found such an organization.

We believe that feeding an ever-growing world population will take top talent.  Therefore, it is important to safeguard the future of this industry by cultivating young minds. This is what Targeting Excellence hopes to achieve.

Their vision is to unite production systems, agribusinesses and institutions of higher education to ensure the world’s food supply. They do so by providing students who are committed to food animal agriculture with scholarships.

They bring together professional leaders in the industry with students. The purpose is to facilitate idea exchange, improving communications and to build personal relationships while they raise funds for scholarships which will benefit not only the students, but the future of the industry as well.

These scholarships are funded by fund-raising events and annual contributions. The events create a suitable environment for students to learn more about various opportunities in the field of animal science. These events provide them with a chance to meet future employers and the money raised will help them focus on what really matters, their future, instead of worrying about debt after graduation.

Targeting Excellence events don’t solely benefit the students but the contributors as well. These functions provide leaders of different colleges, production systems and agribusinesses can lead to lucrative collaborations and alliances, which will ensure the survival of the industry.

Targeting Excellence is a non-profit organization incorporated in the state of North Carolina. They received a 501©(3) status in March of 2013. The IRS recognizes them as a Public Charity (FEIN 46-1072291).

Their board of directors receive no salary for their efforts. All of the members do so voluntarily. To find out more about this organization, how you can help and future events, please visit their website.  Join us in supporting this cause.