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K-State Talks about Applied Swine Nutrition Studies
The magic formula to raising the best swine has been unlocked. Various studies done by K-State’s Applied Swine Nutrition Research has been incorporated into one useful video. The presentation was done at the K-State Alumni Center during last year’s Swine Day.

U Del Studies Wooden Breast Syndrome
Growers all over the country and in other parts of the world dread wooden breast syndrome, as it may affect their investment. This is a condition where chicken breasts take on a woody texture. White striping may develop on the breast muscles. At present, there is no confirmed cause as to why this occurs in chickens. However, one thing is for certain. This condition makes the bird unmarketable.

Udder Anatomy and Physiology with Dr. Laura Hernandez
On June 8, the University of Wisconsin-Madison Biotechnology Center’s BioTrek Wednesday Nite @ the Lab featured Dr. Laura Hernandez, and two of her colleagues. Hernandez is an assistant professor who did a lively discussion about “Udder Anatomy and Physiology.” This lecture included development, evolution and lactation of the udders. She also discussed how the mammary glands protect themselves, specifically with regard to bovines. One of her colleagues talked about antibiotics in milk as well.

National Meeting on Poultry Health, Processing, and Live Production
If you’re going, here are a few of the talks that you shouldn’t miss. Dr. Dan Bautista of the University of Delaware will do the Delmarva Chicken Health Update on the 28th. Dr. Randy Mitchell of Perdue Foods, LLC will discuss the difference between using probiotics and antibiotics to ensure gut health in poultry on the same day.

Latest Dairy News from Miner Institute
The dairy industry has undergone so many changes in the last few decades. Most of these have to do with developing higher yields and an improvement in the over-all product. This is discussed in this month’s Farm Report by the Willian H Miner Agricultural Research Institute.

Penn State Dairy Nutrition Workshop
If you plan on going, make sure that you don’t miss the Arm & Hammer preconference on November 9 and the global dairy update talk, which will be done by Mary Ledman on November 10. Please note that there will be many informative talks by key speakers.

ANGUS TV’s Latest Beef Industry Report
The beef industry has undergone so many changes in the last few years and yet remains one of the best in the US market.  It provides many job opportunities and continues to contribute to the economy of the country in a massive way…..

MSU’s Aggression in Group Housing Survey
Dr. Sarah Ison is a post-doctoral fellow in Michigan State University’s Animal Science Department. She is doing a survey which will affect swine producers, as it focuses on eradicating aggression in group sow housing.

The aim is to develop tools in which to control this behavior. She invites swine producers to take the survey, which is observes how behavior can be used to choose swine for group housing.

Are Cage Free Layers Happier?
A happy chicken is supposed to be a good layer. In this video, John Brown, DVM with Zoetis who specializes in layer health. He talks about cage free birds and how life out of the cage can affect their laying performance.

While it does improve hen well-being, it might not be ideal for everyone. Please note that there are also cons to this method. Dr. Brown talks of salmonella, coccidiosis, broken bones and even mortality in cage free layers. This may be non-negotiable to some people in the layer industry, given the severity of both conditions.

Genomic Studies on Dairy Cow Milk Production and Fertility
In recent years, there have been strategies formulated to improve milk production. However, there seems to be a drop in fertility in dairy cattle. This poses as a huge problem to people in this particular field or industry. This problem is addressed in this DAIReXNET webinar.

Hydroponics in the Dairy Industry
The Feed Navigator published an interesting article that will appeal to dairy producers facing problems with drought.  This article is about Golden Valley Farms and how they decided to move towards hydroponic growing to combat drought related problems.