Continental Search regularly recruits professionals who are passionate about dairy cattle and the dairy business.  Whether your career is in dairy nutrition, animal health products for dairy cattle, R & D, dairy operations or manufacturing related to the dairy industry we would be happy to hear from you.  If you are looking to advance your career or find a new job you can send us your resume.  Many of the candidates we speak with possess advanced degrees such as a Master’s degree in Ruminant Nutrition, a Ph.D in Dairy Science or a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine (DVM).

Imagine a job that is challenging, interesting, rewarding and fits your lifestyle. We can help you find your dream career! Contact us today and let us know your career aspirations.

If you are looking to hire someone in a leadership role in the dairy field contact Dan Simmons.

Our clients include traditional feed companies, farmer cooperatives, feed supplement companies, mineral companies and feed ingredient companies .

We have successfully filled positions including dairy nutritionist, dairy consultant, Director of Dairy Nutrition, Regional Sales Manager, dairy nutrition technical support, formulations manager, territory managers for forage companies, lab professionals for a forage lab, QA & Compliance Manager, Area Manager roles for feed supplement companies & more.

Our team has been working with the feed industry since 2002 and is proud to be a member of AFIA.  Our team is lead by Dan Simmons who has been a guest speaker for at a regional ADSA meeting, the Washington DC Chapter of ARPAS, (The American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists) and with multiple mid Atlantic universities.


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