Vaccines Protect Your Birds from IBV Shedding

I recently wrote about Ceva’s IBron which helps fight the Georgia serotypes of avian infectious bronchitis or IBV, a coronavirus that mutates fast and can be deadly in chickens. I chanced upon an article on Poultry Health Today that talks about shedding of IBV into the environment.

Apparently, it does little to affect birds that have been vaccinated. However, it can be a problem for naïve birds, based on a study by researchers from the University of Georgia.

Most poultry producers routinely vaccinate their broilers with multiple serotypes to ensure their health and well-being. They also try to generate cross-protection against different serotypes in this manner.

University of Georgia researchers wanted to determine if shedding after being exposed to heterologous (dissimilar) IBV would be a problem for birds without proper immunity. They took 40 day-old broilers and vaccinated half with IBV Ma5, which is the Massachusetts IBV serotype via eyedrop. They were also vaccinated in the same fashion with Delaware 072 IBV. The other 20 remained unvaccinated.

Directly vaccinated birds were protected at all time points. The unvaccinated and unchallenged contact birds were protected except at 10 days after the challenge. The unvaccinated and unchallenged controls were protected at 5 and 20 days past the challenge but were unprotected 10 and 15 days after the challenge.

Please keep in mind that viral loads were detected in all birds after the challenge at different time points. This data shows us that as long as a flock is well-vaccinated, virus shed into the environment will not pose a great threat. However, signs and lesions may develop in naïve birds.

You can read the full article here. You will find the abstract to the study here. If you are looking for a better perch, visit our website for the latest poultry job openings. Follow #ContinentalSearch on LinkedIn and Facebook to read the latest poultry news.

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IBV Shedding

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