7 Objectives for Staff Development in 2013

The end of 2012 is upon us, and you’re most assuredly in the process of planning for next year.  The key to your success in the coming year will hinge on the strength of your team.

But how do you know if you’re on the right track and planning your staff development in the correct fashion?  Below is a quick checklist to help ensure more success in 2013.  (Mentally check off the items in the space provided at left.  Yes, it’s quirky—but it’s also memorable.)

(    ) Retain Key Employees

Have you implemented systems, incentives, career development plans, career paths, evaluations, and clear direction that will keep your key people with you for another year?  Have you created a work environment/schedule that helps them to keep their life and work in balance?

(    ) Recruit Top Performers

Create a list of five to 10 people or target companies that you would like to recruit or recruit from next year.  Give these names to your recruiter (call me if you need one) or your HR department.  Set a goal for interviewing one person each month to build your team.  You should be able to hire one top candidate from this list.  Consider how much easier your life would be with another top performer on your staff.

(    ) Build Your Employment Brand

Make certain that you and your people can articulate your company’s goals, vision, mission, and culture quickly and honestly.  Use this information in all of your employment advertising, on your company’s website, and during your interviews.

(    )  Raise the Bar

Determine how you’re going to help the least effective person on your team find another position in your company (or outside of it) so they can enjoy a more rewarding career and so you can replace them with someone better.

(    ) Train and Develop

Create a list of ways that you’re going to increase the skills (and therefore) the productivity of your team through training in the coming year.

(    )  Incentive Pay

Review the current compensation plan and make certain that it encourages the members of your team to reach their highest productivity levels.

(    ) Your Own Personal Development in Recruiting and Retention

As more Baby Boomers retire and schools continue to turn out fewer top prospects, it will become even more important for you to develop your people management skills and possess the correct mentoring attitude.

Have a happy holiday season and a prosperous year in 2013!

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