Continental Search is a recruiting firm that supports animal feed companies and their nutrition and animal health suppliers.  As of December 31, 2015, Continental Search has filled a total of 453 positions for 85 companies in 39 states and 3 provinces in Canada.  Our experienced team has 75+ years of combined experience in the recruiting field.  All 4 of our full-time recruiters are certified by the National Association of Personnel Services as Certified Personnel Consultants.

Proud to be an AFIA Member

We invite you to Meet the Team, check out the latest company news, and check out some of the hottest jobs we’re working on today.  You can learn our recruiting process and check out what our clients have to say.  Job seekers can learn a great deal about conducting a job search by reading our Career Tips and our ebooks.

We work on an engaged, contingent or retained basis dependent upon the desires of our clients and the complexity of the search.

Our core clients are traditional feed companies, feed ingredient and supplement suppliers and swine management companies.  We also recruit for a forage laboratory, a milking parlor equipment company and a forage preservative supplier.

We are proud to be an AFIA member.

Continental Search is headquartered in Oceanview, Delaware.

Linked in profiles of our recruiting team are provided below.

Daniel C. Simmons, CPC, Owner and Recruiter

Recruiting executives and animal nutritionists  dan@consearch.com

Jim Hipskind, CPC, Senior Recruiter

Recruiting Feed Mill and Manufacturing Managers  jim@consearch.com

Rick Pascual, CPC, Recruiter

Recruiting Dairy Nutritionists for Feed Suppliers & Manufacturers.  rick@consearch.com

Trish Valenzuela, CPC, Recruiter

Recruiting Animal Nutrition & Health Professionals in the Poultry Industry. trish@consearch.com

Andy Chatterjee, Recruiter

Recruiting for the Swine & Beef Industries.  andy@consearch.com