Things to Know About Us

As of March 31, 2018, Continental Search has filled a total of 508 positions for 94 companies in 40 states and 3 provinces in Canada.

Answers to the most common questions potential clients ask:

  • Established – Founded August 6, 1996
  • Niche market – Serving feed companies and their suppliers coast-to-coast
  • Quality – More than 80% of the resumes we send to clients result in an interview
  • Effective – 1 of 3 candidates interviewed in-person gets hired for the position
  • Experienced – Our recruiting team has 60 years of collective experience
  • Ethical – Follows the ethics of the National Association of Personnel Services
  • Accredited – Our recruiters are Certified Personnel Consultants by NAPS
  • Variety of services – Engaged, Retained and Contingent search at industry standard rates
  • Partner – Our average repeat client relationship lasts more than 7 years
  • Connected – Member of AFIA, ADSA, ESS, ASAS, PAS and DelMarVa Poultry Inc.
  • Process driven – 5-pronged approach from traditional headhunting to social media
  • Detailed –  Comprehensive interviews and reference checks provide insightful profiles
  • Experienced research staff – Use the latest tools and techniques from industry membership directories to targeted social media research and marketing