Feed Industry Recruiters pass exam

Feed Industry Recruiter News – November 2015 – Continental Search & Outplacement in Oceanview, Delaware is proud to announce that two recruiters, Trish Valenzuela and Rick Pascual, have just passed the CPC exam.  Congratulations to both for becoming Certified Personnel Consultants accredited through the National Association of Personnel Services.

Each studied a body of knowledge represents the employment laws of the nation and how they relate to the day to day functioning of the search and staffing professional. Mastery of that body of knowledge is determined by passing a certification examination. Further, certification means that individuals achieving this professional designation agree to abide by the professional and ethical standards of the organization and engage in ongoing continuing education to keep their knowledge and skills current.

NAPS certification reflects an:

  • Acknowledgement of and adherence to professional and ethical standards
  • Commitment to continuing education
  • Commitment to career development
  • Desire for increased professional and public visibility

Rick Pascual, CPC

Rick Pascual focuses his search work in the feed industry recruiting feed sales reps and sales managers for feed manufacturers as well as territory managers and national account managers for feed supplement companies and feed ingredient suppliers.  Rick joined Continental Search in January 2015 after a career in call center supervision.  If you’re considering a new job in sales in the feed industry, contact Rick at rick@consearch.com.

Trish Valenzuela, CPCTrish Valenzuela joined Continental Search in July 2015 and focuses her work on new client development and searches for animal nutritionists, veterinarians and executives for feed supplement companies and cooperatives.  Trish’s earlier career was as an international flight attendant.  If you are considering a new job in technical support, R & D or senior management in the feed industry, contact Trish at trish@consearch.com.

Check out some of the jobs Rick & Trish are working to fill today!

Call Rick directly at (302) 544-9288

Call Trish at directly at (302) 248-8242

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