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now-hiringWanted: Animal Nutritionist!  Whether you work in poultry nutrition, feed dairy cows, are a monogastric nutritionist who creates pig diets, an equine nutritionist developing horse treats or a ruminant nutritionist who specializes in cow/calf feeds, if you’re an animal nutritionist, we’d like to talk with you about an animal nutrition job.

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Whether your are looking for an animal nutrition job or recruiter to fill an animal nutrition job, you’re on the right page.

We fill Dairy Nutritionist jobs for cooperatives andanimal nutritionist feed manufacturers who provide technical support
to sales reps who sell feed direct-to-farm.  We also recruit dairy nutritionists for feed ingredient and supplement companies who explain the science of their companies products to corporate and independent nutritionists.


animal nutritionistPoultry growers, feed manufacturers and feed additive suppliers contact us when they want to recruit a Poultry Nutritionist as technical support or as in-house nutritionists.


Ruminant / Beef Nutritionist jobs are most oftenanimal nutritionist with large feed companies and feed supplement companies.  If you would like to know more about jobs like this:  contact us.




animal nutritionistSwine Nutritionist jobs are most often found at feed companies, with feed suppliers and of course, with swine management companies and integrated food companies.  Research & Development jobs are available as well as technical support, sales and for feed formulation.


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Equine Nutritionist jobs are most commonly found with traditional feed manufacturers or specialty horse feed companies like Triple Crown Nutrition, Mars Horsecare US, the makers of Buckeye Horse Feeds or Hallway Feeds or with cooperatives. Additionally there are research organizations like Cooperative Research Farms and Kentucky Equine Research that hire top equine nutritionists. There are equine veterinary practices that also hire Equine Nutritionists. Companies that manufacture or sell feed supplements often hire equine nutritionists. If you’re an equine nutritionist with a masters in science or Ph.D. in equine nutrition, contact us to learn more about opportunities in equine nutrition.  Call (888) 276-6789.

Meet this recruiter for an animal nutrition job

Daniel C. Simmons, CPC has 25 years of experience recruiting and has been recruiting animal nutritionists since 2002.  Dan built Continental Search in 1996 and is proud to be a member of AFIA.  Here’s a sampling of the animal nutrition jobs he has filled:

  • Director, R & D and Marketing for one of the top 5 feed companies in the USA
  • Director of Dairy Nutrition for Regional Feed Manufacturer (multiple times)
  • Swine Nutritionist for mineral company in Manitoba and feed mill in Ohio
  • Manager of Feed Formulation – top 5 feed company
  • Dairy Feed Sales Reps – across the nation for many companies
  • Equine Nutritionist for a major cooperative and a top 5 feed company
  • Regional Sales Manager for various feed/mineral companies (multiple times)
  • Dairy Nutritionist for regional feed company (multiple times)
  • Technical Support for dairy feed supplement companies and feed mills
  • Beef Nutritionist – regional feed company
  • Territory Manager for feed supplement company
  • Poultry Nutritionist for regional poultry grower

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If you would like to contact our animal nutrition recruiter you can email him at or call (888) 276-6789.

To have us help your organization identify and recruit animal nutritionists contact us today, our experienced team is eager to help.  Our candidate list includes veterinarians, Ph D animal nutritionists who specialize in dairy, beef, equine, poultry and swine.  Many of our candidates are ARPAS certified.  We recruit formulators, R & D, field technical support, sales professionals and managers and executives who work for feed manufacturers and their ingredient and supplement suppliers.

Our clients include national, regional and local feed manufacturers and cooperatives and their nutritional suppliers.

Proud to be an AFIA Member

Proud to be an AFIA Member


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