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At Continental Search, we like to think of ourselves as a breed apart from other recruiters. First and foremost, we listen to your needs, then we combine the art of matchmaking and the science of recruiting to find you the perfect employee. This is what makes our employer services above the rest.

Continental Search recruits in animal agriculture across the USA and in Canada. This includes animal nutrition, livestock production and animal health. We recruit from entry-level to the executive level from sales to technical to production and R&D. During an average week we may be making recruiting calls to a recent college grad with a master’s degree in ruminant nutrition, a Ph.D. in swine management, a sales manager from a major feed company, a DVM who provides technical support for a pharmaceutical company and a farrowing manager for a swine farm.

We don’t try to place everyone or recruit for every company. Our client list includes some of the best in their field, though not always the biggest. We look for companies that are in a growth mode who offer exciting opportunities for exceptional candidates. Then, we go find the exceptional candidates.

Continental Search is lead by Daniel C. Simmons, a Certified Personnel Consultant and a multi-award winner with America’s leading placement network, the Top Echelon Network. Dan has been a featured speaker and trainer in the recruiting industry, sharing what he has learned over the past 19 years and 500+ placements.

Most importantly, Continental Search is a company who partners with its’ clients to learn not only what positions they want to fill and what qualifications they desire, we learn how the position impacts the bottom line and why someone is going to leave a good job to take this great one.

If you are visiting this site you’re probably looking to hire team members. We’ve designed this website with you in mind. We have provided a number of features to help you make a great hire or improve your abilities in recruiting and retaining your team. Visit our Employers Blog!

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