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Tips to Help You Nail the Phone Interview

The truth is you’re never going to get called for a face-to-face interview if you didn’t leave a good impression on the phone interview. The phone interview is an extremely important first step in the hiring process so it shouldn’t be left to chance.  Here are our phone interview tips.

During an Interview – Past Accomplishments Should be Tied to Future Performance

We’re all a bit nervous when being interviewed for a job, but if you can remember to do one thing throughout it would be to answer questions in such a way that your past accomplishments are tied to your future performance for this company.

The Most Important Bit of Career Advice I Give Out

The secret to forging a successful career is not really that complicated, in fact it’s quite simple, so basic that people usually miss it, unable to see the significance. Helping people set a career path that can lead to success is a very satisfying part of my job. In guiding people who seem a bit confused about where they’re headed and in helping them set clear-cut goals to achieve their career objectives, I am changing lives.

7 Pitfalls That Apply to Nearly Everyone’s Career

On average people change jobs five times throughout their lifetime with some people changing careers up to three times that amount. The job market in today’s world is in a great deal of flux, which makes changing jobs and career paths the rule and not the exception. In the midst of all this, there are a lot of decisions that need to be made.