Our Process

It takes time and practice to master an art.  It takes study to learn a science.  At Continental Search our process is to combine the two because recruiting is a blend of the art of describing your opportunity and matchmaking it to potential candidates and the science of defining your business needs and job requirements and identifying prospective hires.

The Recruiting Process at Continental Search

7 Steps to Search Success

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1.) Clarify the need and the opportunity by determining:

  • The immediate and long-term business objectives of the role and the culture of the organization
  • The traits, knowledge and experience necessary to meet the objectives
  • The personal and financial rewards that come from achieving the objectives

We ask the right questions and listen.

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2.) Create the profile of the successful candidate and document the opportunity

We take what we hear, document it and send it to the employer for review.

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3.) Use research and a variety of networking techniques to create a list of prospective candidates.

Our database search is the beginning of our search efforts – not the end.

We reach out.

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4.) Share the opportunity with interested prospects and screen interested prospects in-depth

  • We present the opportunity, the challenges and the rewards, acting as an extension of the employer
  • We assess the prospects’ talents to determine if they have the abilities and drive to exceed the objectives by determining the level of achievement they have reached and the decisions they made.
  • Determine with the candidate if accepting this opportunity would improve their life and if this is the right time and place for the change.

We challenge prospects to prove to us they have the skills and desire for the job.

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5.) Present qualified candidates who possess the criteria necessary for the job along with the passion to accept the challenge.  80% of the candidates we present are interviewed.  25% of those are hired.

We document our results and present it clearly.

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6.) Manage the process.

  • Coordinate interviews, prepare and debrief both parties
  • Conduct reference checks that address areas of concern (if desired)
  • Assist with candidate relocation and counter-offer concerns
  • Collaborate with the employer to create an offer that will be accepted and coach candidate on offer evaluation.  Act as negotiator if necessary.
  • Advise the candidate on his/her resignation and the client on on-boarding the new hire

We share from our training and decades of experience, we listen and we guide

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7.) Congratulate both parties.  Advise runner-ups.  Celebrate success.