Client Recommendations (from Linkedin)

Peg Finnegan • Human Resources Director at Ridley Inc.

“I enjoy working with Dan on our recruiting efforts! He takes time to learn the company needs, talk with the key managers involved in hiring and then aims to find candidates that meet the current needs. We have successfully hired over 5 candidates through Dan in the past few years.”

Wayne A Cooke • Marketing Manager, Renaissance Nutrition, Inc.

“Dan Simmons is a most professional business partner to work with. I/we have used the services of his agency many times. He has always been fair and helpful; easy to work with and communicate with; ethical and honest in his dealings; will address issues and concerns; and a person I would highly recommend anyone to work with and through.

Additionally, Dan is hardworking and thorough, willing to go the ‘extra mile’ for anyone who works with him.

I highly recommend Dan Simmons for your consideration.”

Jerry Flakne, SPHR • Human Resources Consultant

Jerry Flakne“I have used Dan for many recruiting assignments. He has always been excellent to work with and very professional in his approach to recruiting candidates. He takes time to make sure he understands the needs in the position that you have to fill and presents only candidates that truly are a good fit. I highly recommend him.”

Mike Tetreault SPHR • GM-Sr. VP at Poulin Grain Inc.

Mike Tetreault“Dan, Understands the industry and our business, he works to create the right opportunities for candidates as well for us. Dan has a high level of integrity and is a pleasure to work with.”

(May 7, 2012, Mike was Dan’s client)

Eddie Wells • President Milk Specialties Global

Eddie Wells“Dan is well connected into the Animal Nutrition industry and has provided quality candidates on a consistent basis.”

Larry Whitaker • National Sales Manager at Papillon Agricultural C

“As a sales manager for a feed company, I have used Dan numerous times to identify qualified candidates. I have always found Dan to be honest about each potential hire and believed he had the best interest of the company in mind. If a candidate was not a fit, Dan would work hard to find the right candidate. I have used Dan as a resource to discuss employees and compensation. 
Best of all I have always enjoyed working with Dan, he is a great guy.”

William Robinson • President at Kreamer Feed Inc

William Robinson“Dan is the first person I think of when I need staffing. He is on the ball, professional and gets us qualified, competent applicants.”

Randy Schwalke • Owner of Feed Marketing LLC & Senior Consultant at AgriCapital Corporation

Randy Schwalke“Dan has helped me find many successful candidates who I have hired in sales, technical and managerial positions. Dan works hard to fully understand the company’s culture, needs and business plan while thoroughly vetting candidates to insure that I only see the best. He is very collaborative in his approach and unvarnished in his assessment of the candidates. I continue to use Dan on a regular basis; respecting his insight and judgement.”

Jody Sullivan,PAS • Director of Sales

Jody Sullivan“Dan listens well and worked hard to fill my needs as well as the needs of the candidate. He stays updated on the industry and offered a broad range of candidates with different goals and expectations. His follow-up was very good, and he is punctual. I continue to use Dan and would highly recommend him.”

Kevin Murphy • Global Technical Director at Virtus Nutrition

Kevin Murphy“Dan knows the agricultural industry well and has good contacts within companies. The candidates he has provided are well vetted. The candidate I hired has performed to the level expected, partially based on Dan’s initial assessment.”

Todd Owens • Director of Nutrition & Technical Services at ILC Resources

Todd Owens“He will listen to your needs and will produce an opportunity with great efficiency. Dan will coach you through to process and you will feel his passion to help you.”

David Kirk • Dairy Technology Manager at Prince Agri Products

David Kirk“I’ve worked with Dan both while seeking a position and while hiring. As a job-seeker, I found Dan did a great job shepherding me through the hiring process, providing excellent communication on where things were at and where they were heading. When looking for candidates (I hired several of Dan’s clients), Dan was able to find people that not only had the technical skills required, but also had the right personalities to fit our company’s culture. He recognizes a good fit for both the employee and employer.”

William Monroe • Manager Feed Mill Operations at Southern States Cooperative

“Dan has helped me with acquiring personnel. My last work with Dan involved the ultimate hiring of my current Project Engineer. That was a great experience and the candidate is still with us and doing a fantastic job.

Look forward to working with Dan again.”

Mike Horn • President and CEO at Pennfield (Retired)

Mike Horn“Dan has produced excellent results for our company. He has brought to us excellent talent and seems to know where and how to find great folks. I highly recommend Dan.”

(April 12, 2012, Mike was Dan’s client)

Carl Dern • Director of Animal Feed Sales at Dasco, Inc.

“After working with many recruiters over my career, I can confidently state that Dan and his team are the best in my experience. Dan has become like a ex-officio member of our organization making sure in advance that candidates are the right fit culturally as well as having the right skill sets. You will be pleased if you try Dan for your recruiting.”

(April 12, 2012, Carl was Dan’s client)

Alden Bowman • Dairy Specialist at Hubbard Feeds

Alden Bowman“Dan is a professional recruiter with a heart that understands people and their individual needs. He looks at each person for who they are and has a wonderful ability to find the position and company that best fits the person he is working with. I consider Dan both a friend and a business partner and have had the privilege of being able to pick up the phone and talk with him as needed.”

Candidate Recommendations (from Linkedin)

Rod Riewer • Technical Services Director at Feedworks, USA

Rod Riewer“Dan is great to work with. He found a job for me that was an excellent fit and he did it about 8 years after our initial conversation. I was impressed with the details that he remembered about me, and what I desired in my career.”

Philip Wood • Product Manager for DeLaval for Liners & Tubes Global Regions North & South America and East Asia

Philip Wood“Dan was a great help in gaining my current employment. His advice was spot on and greatly appreciated. He was definitely in my corner.”

Christa Rice • Dairy Nutrition/Calf Specialist at White Oak Mills

Christa Rice“Dan was great to work with and so helpful and supportive! He found me a job that I love!”

(December 11, 2015, Christa was Dan’s client)

John McFadden • Pharmaceuticals Professional

John McFadden“Dan did a super job. He stands out head and shoulders above his peers in performance and professionalism.”

Tim Doherty • Dairy Specialist at Ridley Inc. Hubbard Feeds

Tim Doherty“I have worked with Dan on two different occasions to find a job, once when first out of school and again when the first company closed down 3 years later. I cannot stress enough the value that Dan brought to me as a job seeker. He took the time to get to know me well enough to make recommendations about companies that would be a good fit for me and he was right both times. He is a man of integrity and extremely dependable. When Dan says he is going to do something it is done when and how he says it will be done. His level of professionalism is unparalleled. I would not hesitate to work with Dan again if the situation calls for it and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone in need of help finding work in agribusiness.”

Gaurav Dogra • Research Associate III Testing R&D

“I am pleased to recommend Dan as a wonderful recruiter, amazing professional and an all-round good guy! I worked with Dan in my job search, and discovered that Dan is a no-nonsense, straight-talking, hard-working recruiter with excellent industry knowledge and a strong will to help his clients. He was responsible for helping me obtain a great position at Cumberland Valley Analytical Services, where I am challenged, encouraged to be creative, and suitably rewarded. Dan thinks outside the box; and helps his clients on either side of the recruitment table find a perfect match.”

(May 7, 2012, Gaurav was Dan’s client)

Greg Hibbard • Research Supervisor at AFB International

“Dan is not only very skilled at knowing how the animal industry operates, but also which available positions would fit the right person. His honesty and reliability make him the first person I guide people toward when looking for a career.”

Bruce Hageman • General Manager at iNOVOTEC Animal Care

Bruce Hageman“My dealings with Dan have been very satisfactory. I found him to be extremely professional, punctual, and thorough in his role as a recruiter. While that may not sound unique those are rare qualities in his profession which is one reason he stands out. I also believe Dan develops respect on both sides of the recruiting equation, with the company and the candidate. I would highly recommend him and his services.”