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3 Selling Points for Enticing Top Performers

During a job interview, it’s sometimes easy for a hiring manager to assume that the only person who has to sell themselves is the candidate. However, it’s important for company officials to realize that it would be in their best interests to sell the qualities of their company, as well.

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11 Factors for Evaluating a Job Offer

Download our FREE e-Book, “Evaluating a Job Offer”! This e-Book is comprised of a master list broken into three sections. The first section deals with basic information, the second with relocation, and the third with executive considerations.

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4 Tips to Help Prepare for a Phone Screen

With that in mind, below are tips to help you prepare for a phone screen and move to the next stage of the process. Be enthusiastic and assertive. Sometimes it’s easy to forget, but the person on the other end of the line can’t see your facial expressions or make eye contact with you. As […]

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