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The Cost of A Bad Hire and How to Reduce Them

Like romantic relationships, not everything is always perfect in the world of recruitment. Some people might look ideal on paper, but be your company’s worst nightmare. The company ultimately lets them go, everyone is relieved and replacement is hired. While that might sound like an easy fix, that one bad hire can cost a company $11,000-$24,000 a year, according to Career Builder.

Generation Z Has Landed

When Millennials came into the workforce a majority of the older generations made such a fuss over their work habits. I wonder how they are going to feel about Generation Z, otherwise known as the iGeneration, Centennials, Post-Millennials, Generation Sensible and the Homeland Generation.

Are You Hunting for A Headhunter?

Not all job searches can be filled by HR departments. There are many factors that will make it necessary for animal nutrition companies to consider the use of external staffing solutions to find ideal candidates for a particular role. Some factors will include long work hours, difficult commutes, high amounts of overnight travel or the need of candidates with an advanced degree or a specific skill set or more importantly, the need to keep the search confidential.

Recruiting Across The Generations

According to Pew Research Center, Millennials make up 35% of the US workforce. These Echo Boomers are climbing the career ladders and are being groomed to succeed by Gen Xers at the request of their Boomer big bosses. If you’re looking to hire a Millennial, Gen Xer or even a Boomer, you need to know how to not only hire but retain them.

How to Create a Job Offer They Can’t Refuse

Since you’ve clicked on this post, I will assume that your HR department has had more than its fair share of people turning down your offers. You’re reading this because you’d like to find out how to make an offer that no one can refuse, especially with the state of our industry today. If so, read on.

Trouble recruiting top talent?

Are you running into recruitment problems due to a limited pool of candidates? You are not alone. Right now, job satisfaction is at a 10-year high, hitting 89% this year and national unemployment is at 3.8% down from 3.9% last month. The US has not seen back-to-back unemployment numbers below 4% since the year 2000.

Planning for the Future by Retaining & Developing Your Best People

We are well into the start of 2016, and you have more than likely been looking back at your achievements of the past year and determining what your goals are for this year. You are forecasting sales, preparing budgets and of course looking at staffing needs. Ordinarily, this type of planning is routine in most organizations, but as recent economic events have shown, routine planning may not be adequate.

Avoid the Mistake of the Never-ending Interview Process

Now that you’ve decided you need to hire someone, you’ve got your job description all written out, you’ve determined what qualities you are looking for in a candidate, and created a strong presentation to sell them on the position, what’s left to do? Not much, just get it done! It makes no sense to turn this into a never-ending process of interviews and discussions. There is absolutely nothing to be gained by torturing potential candidates by dragging the process out unnecessarily.  They hate it and it’s not effective.

The Three Most Efficient Ways of Finding a Specialist Recruiter

When companies are looking for a very specialized type of talent, they are most likely in urgent need. Sometime, they also want to conduct their search privately, without drawing a lot of attention.

Create Time to Hire the Best

Superstar candidates are always at a premium, regardless of the economy, and those companies that can find a way to uncover them and hire them will be the ones that thrive.  Although you can’t create more candidates, there is one thing you can create—time. Time that you can use to assess whether or not a candidate is the right person, and time to hire candidates more quickly.  This article provides tips on how to hire a great candidate.